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Why Use PDF.Live to turn a PDF into a PPT file?

Most Accurate Way to Convert a .pdf to a .pptx

PDF Live's convert-from-pdf/powerpoint conversion is highly accurate. We convert every detail of your PDF into a PPT — fonts, colors, layout and page size — with the highest degree of accuracy.

Change PDF to Word Without Losing Format

Once you download your file and close your browser window, we sweep your files from our servers, making PDF.Live the safest way to convert a PDF to a PowerPoint.

Simplest Way to Create PowerPoints from PDFs

There is no easier way to convert a PDF document into an editable PowerPoint presentation than PDF.live. Simply click and drag your file to our cloud-based PDF converter, and we do the heavy lifting.

Best .pdf to .ppt Converter

Why is PDF.Live the best way to convert a PDF into a PPT? In addition to our easy-to-use encrypted cloud-based conversions, we offer PDF conversions for free (limitations apply).

How to Convert PDF to Power Point Online

Simply locate the PDF file on your device and follow the prompts to upload and retrieve your converted PowerPoint file. Remember, the larger your PDF file is, the longer it will take to convert into a PowerPoint file.

Your file size and internet connection will affect the speed with which your PDF converts into a PPT file.

The PDF-PPT file conversion process is the same for mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.

FAQs about PDF.Live's PDF to PPT Conversion Tool

How can I convert PDF to PPT without software?

PDF.Live is a cloud-based application, which means you do not need to download anything. Simply upload your PDF to this page (see “Drop File Here” or “Click to Upload”) and we do the conversion for you. Our PDF conversion tool works with PCs and Mac.

How much does it cost to convert a PDF into a PPT?

We offer a limited number of file conversions and tasks every day, whether you're converting a PDF into a PPT or some other online file conversion. If you need more than that, we offer very responsibly priced monthly and annual subscriptions. And you may cancel your subscription at any time. Discover PDF.live unlimited subscriptions.

How can I convert a PDF to a Powerpoint on a Mac?

PDF.Live is like the Switzerland of online conversion tools — we're OS-neutral. Our cloud-based platform works with any type of computer because all of the work takes place in “the cloud.” The steps to convert a PDF to a PowerPoint on a Mac are the same as they are for Windows and other operating systems. As long as you have an internet connection, you'll be able to easily convert your PDF into a PowerPoint, download it and use it on your device.

How do I export a PDF to PowerPoint?

If you've got a PDF that you'd like to open in PowerPoint, you can use PDF.live's cloud-based tool to convert — or export, if you will — your file. Once you've converted the PDF into a PPT or PPTX file, you'll be able to open it in PowerPoint. You can either double click the .pptx file or open PowerPoint, select “File” from the top menu, and then select “Open…” and locate the .ppt or .pptx.

Does PDF.Live convert PDFs into other file formats?

We do. You may convert Word, Exel, Google Docs, and a slew of other formats into PDFs and vice versa all through one online platform. It's safe, easy, accurate and free (limitations apply). See what else you can do on pdf.live.

Can I convert a .ppt or .pptx into a .pdf?

You absolutely can change a PowerPoint presentation into a PDF online. No software is required. You do not need to download any software, and you can follow the same simple steps using our cloud-based convert-to-pdf/powerpoint converter.

What if the pdf has photos and illustrations?

Our online file conversion tool will recognize the difference between text and images, whether they are photos of illustrations. The conversion process changes your PDF into PowerPoint presentation slides of the same size as the PDF, and it places images and text into their own fields, so you can make edits.

More Ways to Convert PDFs

Change a PDF into a Word doc

Change a PDF Into a Word Doc

Upload your PDF to our cloud based PDF-to-WORD converter using the same click-and-drag steps and PDF.live will change it into a fully usable and editable Microsoft Word document.

>Merge Several PDFs into one document

Merge Several PDFs Into One Document

You may easily combine two, three or more PDFs into a single, more manageable file with our online PDF merge tool.

Reduce a PDF size

Reduce a PDF Size

If you need to reduce the size of a PDF so you can email it or simply because it is too large, we offer a free PDF compression tool that is simple to use.

PDF to Excel conversions

PDF to Excel Conversions

If you've got a PDF with tables and data that you'd like to convert into a spreadsheet, we do that too. Convert PDFs into spreadsheets.