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Why Use PDF.Live Convert PPT to PDF?

Cloud-based, download-free PDF app

No need to download and install software to convert your PowerPoint file to a PDF. Simply upload your .ppt or .pptx, and create a high quality PDF in seconds.

Convert PPT to PDF is fast

In about the time it takes to read this paragraph, we will have converted your .ppt or .pptx file into a downloadable PDF. That’s fast.

Securely change from PowerPoint to PDF

Change PPT to PDF online using PDF.Live’s encrypted and secure app, and they are accessible only to you on PDF.Live.

Best way to change PPT to PDFs

Yes, we might be partial to our own technology, but it’s for good reasons. Our PPT to PDF changer is reliable, fast, secure and easy to use. PDF.Live is the best way to convert PPT files.

How to Turn a PowerPoint into a PDF Online

The process to convert PPT into a PDF could not be easier! Our goal was to create a way to change files that involved the fewest steps. Click, drag, wait and download — that’s about as fast as we could get!

Simply locate your PowerPoint file on your device and follow the prompts to upload and retrieve your converted PDF file. Remember, the larger your PowerPoint file is, the longer it will take to convert to a PDF.

The .ppt to .pdf conversion process works the same whether you use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

FAQs about PDF.Live’s .ppt to .pdf Conversion Tool

What PPT files can I convert to PDFs?

Any files that have the extension .ppt or .pptx can be converted using the PPT to PDF conversion tool online.

Do you convert PPTX to PDF?

Yes. A PPTX file is a slideshow format that PowerPoint creates. You can upload any file with a .pptx extension to PDF.Live, and we will turn it into a PDF format.

How much does it cost to convert PowerPoints into PDFs?

PDF.Live offers free tasks every day, so you can try out the converter and other features. We offer very affordable and reasonable monthly and yearly subscriptions for people who need to convert more or large files. See our current plans to compare our limited and unlimited PDF conversion plans.

PDF.live unlimited subscriptions

Can you convert a PPT to a PDF without losing quality?

PDF Live converts PowerPoint to PDF without losing quality. Your .ppt to .pdf high resolution file will look better than ever. Try it yourself, and you’ll see that our PowerPoint to PDF converter is top-notch.

What if I need to reduce the PDF size?

Yes, you can reduce the size of your PDF. Once you’ve downloaded your newly converted PPT, use our PDF file compression tool to reduce the total file size.

Do you also convert other files to PDFs?

PDF.Live will convert a variety of file types into PDFs, and we also go the other way, converting PDFs into usable file formats. Take a look at these file change types: Excel to PDF, JPG images to PDF, and Word to PDF.

Can I convert a PDF into a PPT?

Yes, PDF.Live can convert PDFs into Microsoft PPT files so you can edit and create PowerPoint presentations.

I need an editable PDF. Can you do that?

Use the PDF.live editor to upload your PDF and wait while it converts to an editable online version. From there, you can use your computer or mobile device to make comments, edit text, move around elements as you need to. Remember, our PDF changing platform is cloud-based and we do not store your files. Make sure you download your edited PDF and save it to your files before you close your browser window.

How can I convert a PPT into a PDF using a Mac or Windows 7?

The advantage of using a cloud-based PDF converter is that it doesn’t matter what operating system you use, and it doesn’t matter how old it is. All you need is a good internet connection to use PDF.Live.

Can I convert PPT to PDF with Hyperlinks?

Yes, we will convert your PowerPoint into a PDF and all active links will still work. You'll be able to click the links in the PDF and open those files or web pages.

Can I convert PPT to PDF with hyperlinks?

Yes, we will convert your PowerPoint into a PDF and all active links will still work. You'll be able to click the links in the PDF and open those files or web pages. Read more about adding links to PDF files.

Do PPT animations transfer to the PDF?

PowerPoint animations work only when you use PowerPoint to show a slide show. The purpose of converting a PPT to a PDF is typically so you can share the slides with your audience. Animations don’t work in PDFs, plus they make your files very large and harder to share. We recommend that you remove animations before creating PDFs.

More Ways to Convert PDF Files

Compress PDFs

Compress a PowerPoint PDF

If you’ve changed a PowerPoint into a PDF, but it is too large, you can reduce the PDF file size using our PDF file compression tool.

Merge Multiple PDFs

Merge Several PDFs

If you have several PowerPoints that have been converted to PDFs, and you’d like to combine them into a single PDF file, use PDF.Live’s online PDF merge tool.

Word to PDF to Word

.doc to .pdf Online

One of our most popular features is the Microsoft Word to PDF changing app. It’s as easy to use as the PPT converter, and it’s free.

Word to PDF to Word

Add a Signature to a PDF

Our online PDF tool allows you to easily and quickly add a signature to any PDF. Sign your PDF now.