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How to Type on PDFs (Online)

Can you add text to a pdf? How can I type on a PDF? PDF Live shows you how to insert text boxes on a PDF using the online editor.

illustration of an old typewriter for a how-to tutorial explaining how to type on a PDF

Inserting text into a PDF can be useful when making last-minute adjustments or annotating a document that you’re working on. However, it’s not immediately apparent how to do this in a traditional document editor. PDF Live’s online PDF editor allows you to insert text into a PDF online with no additional downloads. You can easily add text boxes to a PDF entirely online. 

To get started, head over to the editor and drag and drop the PDF that you’d like to add text to into the editor tool. The editor will then convert your PDF to an editable PDF and open it in the editor tool. 

Typing in a PDF Document Online

To add text to a PDF, navigate to the Comment section on the header of the PDF.Live editor. Within this section, you will see an icon with an A in it titled Textbox. Clicking on this will allow you to create a textbox somewhere in the PDF. 

screenshot of pdf live showing where to find the tool to type on a pdf

Once you’ve created the textbox, you can then type anything in it that you’d wish. After you’ve typed your text into the box, you can then drag and drop the text box anywhere you’d like in the document. 

a pdf of a flier showing how to add a text box to a pdf for a how to on typing on a pdf

You may notice that, by default, the textbox will have blue text with a red outline. These formatting settings can be changed if you right-click the text box with the Hand tool selected. 

screenshot showing where to find the hand tool for a pdf live editor

Once you’ve right-clicked the text box, select Properties.  You’ll then see several formatting options for the text box. You can change the color of the text box border, increase its thickness, or even fill the box entirely if you’d just like to cover up a section of text. 

screenshot of pdf live showing where to find the text box properties to change the colors, lines and fill for a text box

If you want to remove the border entirely, you can set the thickness to 0. You can also change the size and color of the font to better match the original style of the PDF you’re adding text to. 

Adding text to a PDF file is easier than ever with PDF.Live’s online editor. The online editor is a great choice for commenting, annotating, and otherwise editing a PDF. Consider trying it out today to see if you like it with two free tasks available for free.