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Why Use PDF.Live to Convert DOCX to PDF Online?

Safest Online Word to PDF Converter

Files are encrypted and accessible only by you. Once you’ve converted your Word doc to a PDF and downloaded it, your files are swept from our servers after 1 day and will no longer be accessible.

Easiest Way to Convert Word to PDF Online

Two clicks and you’ve converted a Word doc to a PDF. Click and drag your Word files and in seconds, they’re converted to PDFs. It’s a no-brainer and converts Word docs to PDFs instantly.

Simplest Cloud-Based Converter — DOC to PDF

Downloading software applications is risky, and they take up valuable space on your devices and servers. Our cloud-based Word to PDF converter is software-free and requires no installation.

Best Word to PDF Online Converter

It doesn’t matter what device, OS (Windows, Apple, Linux) or Word version you use. Our online technology converts all Word documents into PDFs. It’s fast, safe, and versatile.

How to Convert a Microsoft (MS) Word Doc to a PDF Online

Converting a MS Word document into a portable document format (PDF) has never been easier. In two clicks, your document is safely and securely converted online from a Word document into a downloadable PDF. Who would have thought converting DOC to PDF was this simple?

Simply locate your Word Doc file on your device and follow the prompts to upload and retrieve your converted .PDF file. Remember, the larger your Word Doc is, the longer it will take to convert.

FAQs about PDF Live’s Word to PDF Conversion Tool

What Word documents can I convert to PDFs?

PDF.Live will change any MS Word DOC to PDF file, regardless of the version of Microsoft Word you use. Because our file conversion tool is cloud-based, meaning it requires no software download, our technology assesses your file type and knows what to do. We convert it into a high quality PDF that you can download to your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Is this a free DOCX to PDF converter? What is the cost to convert Word docs to PDFs? offers a limited number of free tasks per day, which includes converting from Word to PDF, which is perfect if you need a one-time conversion. Super users and pros will love our subscription plans. They are low-priced and include all the conversion and editing tools that PDF.Live has to offer. Convert Word to PDF for free, plus free access to our Online PDF editor. You can cancel at any time. Explore unlimited subscriptions. unlimited subscriptions

What if I need to reduce the PDF size after converting DOCX to PDF?

Sometimes when you are sharing documents, you need smaller file sizes, especially if you are trying to send as email attachments or upload to a company’s website. If you’ve converted a Word document to a PDF and the file size is too large, use our PDF file compression tool to reduce the file size without sacrificing quality.

Do you also convert other files to PDFs?

Yes, you may use to convert the following: Excel to PDF, PowerPoint presentations to PDF, and JPG images to PDF.

Can I convert a PDF into a Word document?

Yes. will convert PDFs into Word documents online, following the same easy steps. You will be amazed at the quality of the Word document after it’s been converted from the PDF. Get started.

Can you make my PDF editable?

Yes. If you need a free online PDF editor, our tool safely and quickly converts any PDF into a document that you can enter data or information into. Your information is protected, and only you can access it. To use the editor, upload your PDF and wait while it converts to an editable online version. Enter your data from your computer or mobile device.

Do you have a downloadable Word-to-PDF app?

If you're looking for a Word to PDF converter to use offline, check your computer's Applications folder. Many Windows PC and Mac computers come with stock software that will do PDF conversions for you. These programs take up a lot of space on your computer, and if you don't install updates regularly, they can become glitchy, which is why we always recommend using a cloud-based Word to PDF convertor.

More Ways to Convert PDF Image Files

Compress PDFs

Compress a PDF

File size too large? Getting an error message because your PDF file is too big? Reduce the size of your PDF by compressing it with’s online tool.

Merge Multiple PDFs

Merge Multiple PDFs

Need to cut digital clutter? Easily combine two or more PDF files together into a single, more manageable file with’s online PDF merge tool.

Word to PDF to Word

JPG to PDF Online

Have images that need to be converted from JPEG files into PDFs? No problem, we do that too. Use our .jpg to .pdf converter online. Unlimited

Fax a PDF

Send a PDF by fax online by simply dragging and dropping your file into our online fax tool. No hardware required. Fax a PDF.