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Why Use PDF.Live to Compress PDFs?

Safest way to reduce PDF file size

Our cloud-based platform is the safest way to compress PDFs because we use bank-level encryption to secure your documents, no matter what they contain. We do not store your compressed PDFs on our servers.

Easiest way to compress PDF files

Locate your PDF on your device — laptop, desktop or mobile — drag it to the conversion tool and watch while we reduce your file size. That's all it takes to compress a PDF online with our free compressing tool. It’s as easy as a tap or a click and dragging the file to our conversion tool.

No bulky (and risky) software downloads

Our PDF compression tool lives in “the cloud,” which means no need to download and install software. PDF Live works with any operating system, including Mac, Windows and Linux.

Best way to compress PDF files

This is the best way to compress PDF files, not only because it is secure and easy to use, but also because it protects the integrity of your PDFs. All text and image quality is preserved so you don’t lose quality with our online PDF compressor.

How to Compress a PDF Online

Sometimes, you want to send a PDF as a mail attachment or through a social media platform, but the file is too large for the servers to handle. A PDF size reducer is needed to compress your PDF, to reduce the file size, so it’s easier to handle. Our online PDF compression tool is incredibly easy to use, and it is secure and fast. Follow these steps to compress a PDF.

Simply locate the PDF file on your device and follow the prompts to upload and retrieve the compressed PDF file. Remember, the larger your file is, the longer it will take to compress. Also, if you have a better internet connection, resizing a PDF will compress much quicker.

FAQs About PDF.Live’s PDF Compression Tool

What PDFs can I compress?

PDF.Live’s limited, free plan allows you to compress .pdf files every day. If you need more, see our answer to the next question about unlimited options (our plans are super low). Our service is the best way to compress a PDF online.

How much do you charge to compress PDF files?

We offer a limited number of free transactions every day, including converting files to PDFs, converting them from PDFs, merging into one PDF, and compressing PDFs. If you need more, we offer very reasonable subscription plans for resizing PDFs , which you can cancel any time. Learn more about PDF.Live limited and unlimited subscriptions.

Do you compress other types of files?

Currently, we compress only PDFs, because that is the most versatile file type to work with and send as an attachment. If you have other files that are very large that you’d like to compress for storage or for sending as attachments, consider converting them to PDFs and then compressing them: Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, and Word to PDF.

Can you make my PDF editable?

If you need to markup a PDF, you can use the free online PDF editing tool to add text, redact text and images, and proofread PDFs. To use the PDF.Live editor, upload your PDF and wait while it converts to an editable online version. Enter your information from your computer or mobile device.

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