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Why Use PDF.Live to Convert PDFs into Excel Spreadsheets?

Easily Convert PDFs to Excel

PDF Live’s technology recognizes tables in PDFs and converts them into Excel spreadsheets so you can easily analyze data, perform calculations and work with numbers and figures.

Free PDF to Excel Converter

PDF.Live offers a limited number of free conversions every day. When you need more, we offer low-cost subscriptions, and you can cancel at any time.

Convert PDF to XLS Without Software

You do not need to download expensive and bulky software to convert your PDF into an Excel spreadsheet. This is a web-based PDF converter, and it works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Best Way to Convert PDFs

This is the best way to convert a PDF into a spreadsheet because PDF Live is fast, encrypted, and we offer free and low-cost premium subscriptions for users who have a high volume of files to convert.

How to Convert a PDF (.pdf) to an Excel (.xls and xlsx) Online

As long as your PDF has content that is in columns and rows, PDF Live will recognize that and convert it into an Excel spreadsheet. If your PDF file contains an image without data, PDF Live will insert your file into a spreadsheet. Ready to try it?

Simply locate your .PDF file on your device and follow the prompts to upload and retrieve your Excel .xls or .xlsx file. Remember, the larger your file is, the longer it will take to convert. It is that simple to turn PDFs into Excel spreadsheets with our online tool.

The better your internet connection and the smaller your document, the faster your file will convert from a PDF to an Excel sheet.

FAQs about PDF.Live’s .pdf to .xls(x) Converter

Can I convert a scanned PDF into Excel?

The higher quality your PDF, the better it will convert to an Excel spreadsheet. If you have a high-quality PDF and PDF Live’s technology recognizes text in your PDF, it will convert it to an Excel spreadsheet. Low-quality PDFs, especially those that come from a scanner, might not convert as well.

How does PDF Live convert PDFs to Excel spreadsheets?

Our technology scans your document looking for text (characters and numbers, for example), especially data that is contained in columns and rows (tables). If it recognizes that you have a table-style database, PDF Live’s .pdf-to-.xls converter will automatically create an Excel spreadsheet. However, if it is image or text heavy and our converter can’t recognize a pattern, such as with a brochure that has images and text, it will convert the PDF into an image and insert it into a spreadsheet.

Can I convert PDF to Google sheets?

If you prefer a Google sheet rather than an Excel spreadsheet, follow the exact steps to convert the PDF into an Excel spreadsheet. Then, upload the sheet to Google Drive, double click to open it and save it as a Google sheet.

How much does it cost to convert a PDF to Excel?

PDF.Live offers a limited amount of free PDF conversion tasks every day. If you need more files converted or more bandwidth for larger files, try our low-cost subscription.

Do you convert PDFs into other formats?

Use PDF.live to convert from PDF to Word document and from PDF to PowerPoint.

What if I need the opposite: Convert an Excel sheet into a PDF?

We do that too. Convert an Excel sheet to PDF online for free.

Can I convert my bank statement to a spreadsheet?

This is one of the most common uses of our .pdf-to-.xls converter. To convert a paper version of your bank statement into an Excel spreadsheet, we recommend scanning it. PDF to Excel converters do not work well on photographed documents; scans perform much better. If you have a digital version (PDF) of your bank statement, this works even better.

More Ways to Convert PDFs

.jpg to .pdf online

.jpg to .pdf online

The .jpg to .pdf converter changes JPEG images into high quality PDFs. It is also free and very easy to use.

Compress a PDF

Compress a PDF

You can reduce the file size of a PDF. Use our PDF compression tool.

Merge 2+ PDFs

Merge 2+ PDFs

The online PDF merge tool lets you combine two or more PDFs into a single document.

Edit PDFs

Edit PDFs

Use our free online PDF editor to enter text, insert images and leave comments on any PDF.