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Why Use PDF Live to Merge PDFs?

Safest way to merge multiple PDFs into a single document offers a secure environment to protect your most sensitive PDFs, whether it’s the kids’ artwork or financial statements. Our PDF online merger tool can easily upload multiple PDFs to create one PDF file. is easy to use to merge PDFs

Merge files into a PDF with our cloud-based tool is easier than ever. Simply click and drag your files to our online tool, and we merge PDFs for free into one single PDF file that you can download in seconds.

Works with every operating system

No need to download and install bulky software. Our free online PDF merger tool is “in the cloud,” meaning you simply upload your files, wait, and we do the rest. Works with Windows, Mac, and all OS.

Best online PDF merge tool

PDF.Live is the best way to merge multiple PDFs into a single file because it is encrypted, fast, and, most importantly, easy to use. We offer free conversions every day. How cool is that?

How to Merge PDFs Online

We’ve made the PDF merging process very simple. Simply locate the PDF file you want to merge on your device and follow the prompts to upload and retrieve your merged PDF file. Remember, the larger your file is, the longer it will take to merge.

The process is the same no matter what device you use — a Windows computer, Mac laptop, Linux workstation, or a mobile device.

FAQs about PDF.Live’s PDF Online Merge Tool

How can I merge PDFs?

With any file merging tool, you’ll only be able to merge like files. So, PDFs merge with PDFs. If you need to add a Word Doc or an Excel sheet to your merged file, you’ll need to convert those to a PDF. Head to the home page to convert those to PDFs.

Can I merge two PDF files?

The answer is yes! It is possible to take two or more PDF files and merge them together with our free PDF merger tool. It's simple to merge multiple PDFs into one file with PDF.Live.

How much does it cost to merge PDFs?

For the latest pdf conversion plans, including our daily free conversions, learn more at: PDF.Live limited and unlimited subscriptions.

What if I need to reduce the PDF size?

Yeah, we’ve thought of that too. When you merge a PDF, it creates a larger file, which you might need to reduce in size. Use our PDF compression tool to do that.

Can you make my PDF editable?

Yes and no. If you need to edit a PDF, upload it using our PDF editor. This is a basic editor, which allows you to proofread and leave feedback. You can type text onto the PDF, style the text, and even redact text and images on the PDF. Check out our PDF editor.

Can I merge other file types?

Our online tool works only with PDF files. You’ll need to convert your files into PDFs and then follow the instructions for combining or merging the PDF documents into a single file. Read this article about how to merge JPEG files.

What if I want to add a page to a PDF?

PDF.Live’s editor can help you add and remove pages from PDF files. See how it works in this article, “How Can You Add a Page to a PDF?

PDF editor, PowerPoint presentations to PDF (and vice versa), and JPG images to PDF. You can also use our free PDF converter app to merge multiple PDFs and PDF compression tool

More Ways to Convert PDFs

compression tool

Compress a PDF

Use the PDF Live compression tool to reduce file size of PDFs.

online PDF editor

Edit a PDF

Proofread and leave feedback on a PDF with the online PDF editor.

Convert to PDF online

Convert PDFs

Change a Word doc, Excel sheet or PowerPoint into a PDF online. Unlimited

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