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Why Use PDF.Live to Change JPG to PDF?

Safest App to Convert Images to PDFs

Your uploaded images are secure and encrypted, so only you have access, and we sweep our servers daily. Convert your image into a pdf securely with our free tool.

Easiest JPG to PDF Converter Online

File conversion doesn’t get easier than our two-step process. Upload your JPG, wait a few seconds, then download your PDF file. It really is as easy as that to convert JPG to PDF.

100% Cloud-Based JPG Converter

No software to download. PDF Live works from any computer or connected smartphone or tablet. Because it’s web-based, our app works with Windows and Mac.

Why PDF.Live is the Best JPG to PDF Converter

Not only are your files protected, but our web-based jpg to pdf converter is very easy to use, plus it’s super fast and free (limitations apply).

How to Convert an Image (.jpg) to a PDF Online

If you want to change a JPG or JPEG file into a PDF, you can do it quickly and easily with PDF.Live. Our free tool is the best way to convert a .jpg to a .pdf file in no time.

Simply locate your .jpg file on your device and follow the prompts to upload and retrieve your converted PDF file. Remember, the larger your .jpg file is, the longer it will take to convert.

It’s that easy. A better internet connection gives you a faster way to turn a picture into a PDF. Your PDF will have the same high quality that your original .jpg or .jpeg file has.

We do not hold any of your personal information, other than the email address you might use to set up a paid subscription to PDF Live.

FAQs about PDF.Live’s JPG Image to PDF Conversion Tool

Can I convert JPEGs into one PDF?

Mac users and Windows users can convert JPEGs (.jpg) from images into PDF documents using this cloud-based app. Follow the instructions for uploading your images, one at a time, to convert them into PDFs. Then, go over to the Merge PDFs page to create a digital compilation of your photos.

What size images can I convert to PDFs?

The free version of our application allows you to perform a limited number of tasks every day. If you’d like to convert more, we offer low-cost monthly subscriptions, which you can cancel at any time. Get Unlimited.

How much does it cost to transfer JPGs to PDFs?

You can change images to PDFs for free every day on (limitations apply). If have a lot of JPGs to change, you can start an unlimited monthly plan, which is priced just right, for users like you. Plus, you can cancel any time. Learn more about unlimited subscriptions.

What if I need to reduce the PDF after converting from JPG?

Use our PDF file compression tool to reduce the PDF file size without sacrificing quality.

Do you also convert other files to PDFs?

Yes, you may use to convert the following: Excel to PDF, PowerPoint presentations to PDF, and Word to PDF.

Can I combine multiple JPGs into a single PDF?

JPG (aka JPEG) files cannot be combined into single JPG files, but they can be converted to PDFs and combined. To compile several JPGs into PDFs, first convert each JPG, one at a time. Then, use our free Merge PDF app online to combine several PDFs (that were formerly JPGs) into one portable file. This step-by-step guide explains how to merge JPGS into PDFs.

Can I just save an image as a PDF?

You might be able to do that, but you could lose image quality. We recommend using an app that is designed to convert images to PDF that equals the quality of the original JPG or JPEG file. Learn more about turning pictures into PDF files.

How can I create a digital photo album from family photos?

We cover that in our resource center. See Turning Photos Into PDFs, which lists some photograph digitization services. They will typically scan and convert your printed photos and pictures and save them as individual JPG/JPEG files. “Turning Photos into PDFS” will explain how to convert those to PDFs and combine them into PDF documents that you can share with your whole family.

More Ways to Convert PDF Image Files

Compress PDFs

Compress a large PDF

If you need a small PDF, use the free PDF Compression app.

Merge Multiple PDFs

Merge Several Images

To create a digital booklet or multi-page PDF with your converted JPG images, use’s online PDF merge tool. It’s so easy, you’ll love it!

Word to PDF to Word

PDF Editor

The PDF editor app is especially handy if you’ve got a document with a lot of text, such as a form that needs to be completed. It’s also an excellent way to proofread a PDF and leave edit marks and comments. Try’s PDF editor.

Word to PDF to Word

.pdf to .ppt

Now that you’ve converted your image to a PDF, do you want to convert those into a PowerPoint slide or add it to a presentation? We do that too. Check out the pdf to ppt file converter.