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Convert PDF to Editable PDF

Why Use PDF.Live to Edit PDFs?

Free Online PDF Editor

Convert PDFs online into editable PDFs for free without the need to download and install software.

No PDF Software Required

Convert PDFs into editable documents online for free without the need to download and install bulky software.

Secure Way to Edit PDFs

PDF Live encrypts your work so only you can access it, and we sweep your files from our servers after you download.

Create Read-Only PDFs

PDF Live's editor also enables you to create locked PDFs that are read-only, so no one can change your documents.

How to Convert a PDF (.pdf) to an Editable PDF Online

To convert a PDF into an editable PDF from your laptop or desktop, click and drag the PDF into the “Drop PDF Here” workspace. Your PDF is immediately converted into an editable format. The better your internet connection, the faster your file will be converted.

Add comments, edit text, insert images, and even sign a PDF. Use the protect feature to lock a PDF to prevent further edits.

FAQs about PDF.Live's Editable PDF Converter

What PDFs can I edit?

Any PDF can be converted into an editable version, as long as the owner of the document allows it.

How much does it cost to convert a PDF into an editable PDF?

PDF Live allows a limited number of tasks every day for free, including converting PDFs into editable formats. If you need more, we offer reasonable prices through our PDF.live unlimited subscriptions.

What edits can I make to a PDF?

PDF Live's PDF editor allows you to leave comments, which is a key feature if you need to proofread a document and provide feedback. The text editor lets you strike out text, underline text, sign and stamp a PDF, insert images, and more.

Can I convert a scanned PDF into an editable PDF?

Yes. You may convert any PDF, whether it was scanned into your device, emailed as an attachment, downloaded from a website, or uploaded by other means.

More Ways to Convert PDFs

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Compress PDFs

Decrease a PDF's total file size using the free online Compress PDF tool.

Merge Multiple PDFs

Merge Multiple PDFs

PDF.live's online PDF merge tool makes it easy to combine several documents into a single file, for easy sharing and storage.

Word to PDF to Word

Word to PDF to Word

The convert-from-pdf/word tool allows you to easily convert a Microsoft Word document into a PDF and vice versa, convert-to-pdf/word.

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JPG Conversions

Easily transform JPEG and TIFF image files to PDFs with our free (limit 3 per day) .jpg to .pdf converter online.