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Why Use PDF.Live to Edit PDFs?

Free Online PDF Editing

Convert PDFs online into editable PDFs for free without the need to purchase, download, and install software.

No PDF Software Required

Convert PDFs into editable documents online for free without the need to download and install bulky software.

Secure Way to Modify PDFs Online

PDF Live encrypts your work so only you can access it, and we sweep your files from our servers after you download.

Create Read-Only PDFs

PDF Live's editor also enables you to create locked PDFs that are read-only, so no one can change your documents.

How to Convert a PDF (.pdf) to an Editable PDF Online

To convert a PDF into an editable PDF from your laptop or desktop, click and drag the PDF into the “Drop PDF Here” workspace. Your PDF is immediately converted into an editable format. The better your internet connection, the faster your file will be converted.

Add comments, edit text, insert images, and even sign a PDF. Use the protect feature to lock a PDF to prevent further edits.

FAQs about PDF.Live's Editable PDF Converter

Is PDF.Live an app to edit PDF documents?

Yes and no. Our PDF editor and converter is a web-based app, which means you don't need to download and install software. It works with Windows and Mac computers, as long as you have an internet connection.

What is an editable PDF?

Great question. Some creators lock their documents so they cannot be changed; these are called non editable PDFs. Generally, this is to protect the contents of their documents so they can't be tampered with; likewise, it protects copyrights. An editable PDF is "unlocked" in terms of being able to make changes to the images, text and other elements on the PDF itself. Editable means it is capable of being changed or altered.

Cool! Now, how do I make a PDF editable or writable?

At the top of this page, you'll see a prompt that says "Drop a file here to Edit" along with a green button that reads "Select File to Edit." You can tap or click that button, navigate to your PDF and upload it, or you can simply click and drag your PDF to that "Drop a file here" workspace.

What PDFs can I edit?

Any PDF can be converted into an editable version, as long as the owner of the document allows it. Learn more about how to lock, unlock, protect and unprotect PDF documents.

How much does it cost to convert a PDF into an editable PDF?

PDF Live allows a limited number of tasks every day for free, including converting PDFs into editable formats. If you need more, we offer reasonable prices through our PDF.live unlimited subscriptions.

Why can't I edit a PDF online free, no signup?

You probably wonder why PDF.Live and other online PDF editors require you to create an account. We get it. You want to make a PDF doc editable, make your changes, download the new PDF and be on your merry way.

To use our free online PDF editor, we do ask for an email address. We're transparent about what we do with your email addresses. You might get offers from us, but we don't sell your information to anyone else. The personal information also helps our free online editor technology remember you when you return, so you don't have to log in every time. To our knowledge, there are few free online PDF editors with no sign up required; nearly all of our peers are moving toward asking for at least an email address.

What edits can I make to a PDF?

PDF Live's PDF editor allows you to leave comments, which is a key feature if you need to proofread a document and provide feedback. The text editor lets you strike out text, underline text, sign and stamp a PDF, insert images, and more. See more cool things PDF.Live’s editor tool can do.

Can I convert a scanned PDF into an editable PDF?

Yes. You may convert any PDF, whether it was scanned into your device, emailed as an attachment, downloaded from a website, or uploaded by other means.

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