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Why Use PDF.Live to Change a .pdf into a .doc or .docx?

Best Converter for PDF to Word

PDF Live is the best way to convert a PDF into an editable Word document because it is safe, easy to use, and free (limitations apply). No need to download software to convert PDFs.

Change PDF to Word Without Losing Format

You'll love how seamlessly we convert your PDF to Word without losing the format, including images and illustrations. You'll be able to securely convert your PDF and use it on a Windows PC or Mac.

Convert PDF to Word for Free

PDF.live allows free limited conversions every day. If you need more, we offer affordable subscription plans.

Safe, Secure Online .pdf to .doc and .docx

All files that you convert on PDF.live are encrypted, and none of them are stored. Once you download your converted file and close the window or reload, your file is swept clean from our servers.

How to Convert a File From PDF to Word

As long as you have an internet connection and a connected device, you can easily change a file from PDF to Word using our cloud-based tool. It is safe, secure, and only you have access to your files.

Simply locate your .PDF file on your device and follow the prompts to upload and retrieve your converted MS Word file. Remember, the larger your PDF file is, the longer it will take to convert to Word.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a Windows PC, a Mac computer, a tablet or a smartphone — the process is the same because it is web-based (not a software application).

FAQs about PDF.Live's PDF to DOC Conversion Tool

Why would you need to convert a PDF to Word?

Some people like to convert PDFs to Word for editing. A PDF is formatted so that its content and formatting can't change when it's downloaded and shared. Changing a PDF to Word makes it easier to edit. We go into more detail about working with Microsoft Word and PDFs in our resource center.

Do I need to give you an email address to access my MSWord doc?

We ask you to register an account with us in order to access our features and your converted files. You do not need to opt in to a monthly or annual subscription plan in order to access the free conversions available every day.

What PDF can I convert to Word?

Almost any PDF can be converted into a Word document. You will love how easy and seamless PDF.Live changes your PDF into a DOC. Some scanned documents might not import as well from a PDF to Microsoft Word, especially if the scan is of low quality. For instance, if your scan is very dark and the scanner picks up a lot of background, it will create a PDF as a total image, rather than a mix of text and art.

How much does it cost to transfer from .pdf to Word?

PDF.live offers a limited number of FREE tasks every day, and this includes not only PDFs that need to be changed into MS Word but any type of file that PDF.live's cloud-based file conversion app can handle. You can view our other types of file conversion on our home page.

What file size do you require to export PDF into Word?

PDF.live works with small and large files.

Is your PDF to DOC converter always free?

If you need to convert multiple files, you'll love our low-cost monthly and annual subscription rates. With our two subscription models, you get unlimited file conversions every day, and you can cancel your subscription any time. Find out about PDF.live unlimited subscriptions.

What other files do you convert?

PDF.live can convert Excel to PDF, PowerPoint presentations to PDF (and vice versa), and JPG images to PDF. You can also use our free PDF converter app to merge PDFs and compress PDFs (in case you need smaller file sizes).

Can I convert a Word doc into a PDF?

Absolutely, and it is just as easy, requires no downloads, and is secure. Go to our Doc to PDF online tool and give it a try.

More Ways to Convert PDFs

Make a PDF Editable

Make a PDF Editable

One of our most-asked-for features is the PDF editor app, which allows you to upload a PDF and type right onto the doc.

Combine multiple PDFs

Combine Multiple PDFs

Need to roll a few PDFs into one? Use PDF.live's online PDF merge tool to import PDFs and save them in a single file.

PDF to Excel

PDF to Excel

Got a PDF filled with data that you want to use as a spreadsheet? Our PDF to .xlsx converter is what you're looking for.



Use the PDF to PPT converter to transform any PDF into a PowerPoint slide show with PDF Live's PPT converter.