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Do you need to change the order of pages in a PDF file? Whether you need to edit the order of pages, reorder pages or otherwise simply change the order of your PDF, this click-and-drag tool will make it easy for you.

Change the Order of PDF Pages

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The size of a PDF can range from just a couple pages to an entire e-book with hundreds of pages. When creating a PDF, it’s easy to accidentally place pages out of order or need to rearrange them. The problem is, once the PDF is created, it’s not easy to edit page order when you’re using a PDF reader. To rearrange pages, you’ll need an editing tool.  

PDF.Live provides an online editor to change and reorder PDF pages. With the editor, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping the pages in the order of your choice. In this guide, we’ll show you how to rearrange PDF pages however you’d like. 

Steps for Reordering Pages in a PDF File

To get started changing page order, you’ll need to convert your PDF into an editable PDF. Simply drag and drop the PDF into the editor and select Edit PDF. This will convert the PDF to an editable PDF and open the PDF.Live online editor, which functions entirely in your browser. 

screenshot showing pdflive editor for rearranging pdf pages

The PDF live editor has a lot of powerful editing options for PDFs. But today we’ll be focusing on the Pages tab that’s located on the left-hand side of the editor. 

screenshot showing how to find the thumbnail view in pdf live for rearranging pdf pages

This tab is called View page thumbnails and reorder pages and allows you to quickly overview and scroll through the different pages of your PDF. You’ll see smaller thumbnail versions of your PDF pages to get a sense of the content contained on each page. 

screenshot of pdflive showing how to use the thumbnail view to rearrange pages

However, this thumbnail view also allows you to rearrange the order of a PDF’s pages. Simply click and drag the page to wherever you’d like it to be and the editor will make the change for you. Once you’ve dragged the page to the new location, you’ll see the new order reflected in the thumbnail viewer. 

Once you have all the pages where you’d like them to be, you’ll need to download the PDF again. The downloaded version of the PDF will contain all of the edits that you’ve made.

You can also use the continuous facing page layout, which is a nice way to navigate through a PDF that has many pages. Pages can’t be rearranged in the continuous page view, but it makes it easier to find pages.

screenshot from pdflive showing what the continuous page view looks like

If you want to add new pages to a PDF, you’ll need to use the Merge function that combines two or more different PDFs. To learn more about doing this, we recommend checking out the Extract, Split, Separate a Page from a PDF article that details how to extract specific pages from a different PDF and then place them in a new PDF.