PDF.Live for Healthcare

Hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers can make use of the suite of web-based PDF conversion and faxing services available through PDF.Live.

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Medical faxing and PDF conversion services

Managing and sending documents is easier with PDF.Live’s online PDF services. With PDF.Live’s fax tool, healthcare providers can better adhere to HIPAA standards by faxing sensitive documents rather than sending them as email attachments. PDF.Live’s online fax tool doesn’t require a printer or fax machine to send a fax — just a web browser and an internet connection. Learn more about how to fax a PDF online.

All of PDF.Live’s PDF management services, such as the PDF converter, function entirely through a web browser. This means that PDF.Live works with common operating systems including Windows and iOS. It also means that no additional software is required to access any PDF service. Being entirely web-based, with PDF.Live you can click, drag, convert, and go!

Benefits of online PDF.Live services in healthcare

For doctors and providers
  • Adhere to HIPAA regulations without a fax machine
  • Easy to learn PDF services
  • Review any document through PDF.Live’s editor
  • Free PDF.Live trial available today!
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For hospitals and clinics
  • Merge, manage, and fax an unlimited number of PDFs with low-cost subscriptions
  • Password protect, lock, and secure PDFs
  • Resize PDFs for easier file storage
  • Convert Word Documents, pictures, and spreadsheets to PDFs
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For pharmacies
  • Convert any patient form to a PDF for easy file management
  • Use PDF.Live’s form-filling tool to turn any PDF into a fillable form
  • Split and print individual pages from a larger PDF
  • Create fax cover sheets for free
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How PDF.Live works for healthcare

Edit PDF

Edit PDF

Make quick edits to any PDF and create fillable form fields anywhere on a PDF. Edit Now



Avoid using a printer, and fax any medical document directly through your web browser. Fax Now

Sign PDF

Sign a PDF

Create an e-signature through PDF.Live from a drawing or image and place it anywhere on a PDF. Sign PDF

Merge PDF

Convert PDFs

Convert medical documents to and from commonly used file formats like .doc, .xlsx, .ppt, and more. Convert Now