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Why Use PDF.Live to Edit and Sign a PDF?

Signing a PDF document online has never been easier

Simply locate your document on your device, click and upload it to our secure site and follow the prompts to sign your document with your signature.

Safe way to add a signature to a PDF

We use high-level security to protect your documents, and our servers are regularly swept clean, so only you can access your documents.

Web-based digital signature

You do not need to download and install software, nor add an extension to your browser. Our signature tool is in the cloud and requires no setup on your end.

Electronically sign a PDF for free

We offer a number of free tasks every day, including signing PDFs. Explore our low-priced PDF conversion subscriptions.

2 Ways to Add a Signature To a PDF

You can put a signature to a PDF document either by uploading a signature file or by using the on-screen signature box to sign the PDF with your mouse or computer pad. Follow the prompts to (1) locate your document through your device and (2) upload it to sign it. You'll be able to review your signed PDF before exporting it to download.

FAQs about Adding Signatures to PDFs

What PDFs can I sign?

Any PDF that has not been digitally locked (prevented from making changes) can be uploaded to PDF.Live and signed digitally.

Can I fill out and sign a PDF online?

Yes. Filling forms and signing them online is easy with PDF.Live. Select the Sign PDF option and follow the prompts to upload your PDF. After you create and place your signature, you can use the text editor to fill in the form. You can also use PDF.Live's editor to automatically detect and create fill-forms.

How much does adding a signature to a PDF cost?

PDF Live offers a number of free tasks every day. Most people need to sign or convert one or two documents at a time, which is why we make the first transactions free, including adding a signature to a PDF. For businesses or people who need to do more signing or converting, we have low-cost subscription plans. Learn more about unlimited subscriptions.

Do I need an app to electronically sign a PDF?

Yes and no. With PDF Live, you can add an electronic signature (e-signature) to a PDF. PDF.Live is a web-based app, so you do not need to download or install it to insert a signature into a PDF. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can follow the prompts on this page to locate and upload your PDF to add a digital signature. If you need to digitally sign a PDF, using an encrypted method, read our tutorial on PDF e-signature vs digital signatures.

How do I insert a signature (image) in a PDF?

Inserting a signature in a PDF is easy with PDF Live. When you upload your PDF, we'll give you two options: draw a signature on a PDF using your device or upload an image that contains your signature. You tell us where, and we'll apply your electronic signature to your PDF document right before your eyes. Really. It's that easy.

Does the signature work for legal documents?

While some of us on the team enjoy true crime podcasts, that doesn’t make use legal experts. You should check with your attorney or legal adviser about what’s acceptable and what’s not. We do have an article in our resource center that explains the differences between electronic signatures and digital signatures.

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