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PDF.Live’s browser-based PDF services empower nonprofits to do the valuable work they do every day without having to worry about managing, editing, and faxing PDFs.

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Fax, edit and convert PDFs

Whether your organization is sending out newsletters, launching a new fundraiser, or communicating internally, odds are that you’re working with PDFs. PDFs are easy to use and are the best way to share documents across the web. They’re compact, accessible on any device, and easy to make. However, the many difficulties that may arise when trying to work with a PDF can be eased with PDF.Live’s fast web-based services.

PDF.Live makes it easy to convert documents into a PDF or from a PDF to a different file format. If you’re looking for a free app for a nonprofit, you can try out PDF.Live’s online conversion services today for free. If you need to regularly convert more PDFs, we offer affordable rates without a need to download any software. PDF.Live’s services will work on the most popular operating systems — Windows and MacOS. No extensions, downloads or programs are required. Click, drag, convert, and go.

Benefits of online PDF tools for nonprofits

For charities
  • Create, convert, and compress PDFs for easy emailing
  • Quickly edit your brochure PDF for simple changes before you print it
  • Share PDFs that can be viewed on any of your donor’s devices
  • Try out PDF.Live’s services for free
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For religious organizations
  • Convert and edit your handouts or informational brochures
  • Use PDF.Live’s services on any device that has a web browser
  • No training required for PDF conversion!
  • Fax documents with PDF.Live without the need for a fax machine
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For other nonprofits
  • Free to try, affordable to continue to use
  • Compress PDFs for easier file storage
  • Access PDF.Live’s editor to make quick adjustments without the need for a document editor
  • Sign PDFs by hand or using a picture to skip the scanner
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How PDF.Live works for nonprofits

Edit PDF

Edit PDF

PDF.Live’s PDF online editor lets anyone within your nonprofit organization to perfect your documents without a document editor. Edit Now



No need for a fax machine or scanner with PDF.Live’s fax tool. Simply drag and drop any PDF that you want to fax! Fax Now

Sign PDF

Sign PDF

Easily sign as many documents as needed with PDF.Live’s sign tool that lets you place signatures wherever needed. Sign Now

Merge PDF

Convert PDFs

Convert medical documents to and from commonly used file formats like .doc, .xlsx, .ppt, and more. Convert Now