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Why Use PDF.Live for Faxing Services?

No special equipment required.

You don't need to purchase a fax machine or have a landline.

No waiting in line.

No need to trudge to your local office supply store to wait in line for faxing services.

Safe and secure online faxing.

Our server cache is flushed on an ongoing basis, so your PDFs are safe from hackers.

No software download needed.

Our online faxing service is web-based, meaning you only need an internet connection.

How to Send Faxes Online

PDF.Live makes it easy to fax a PDF online, right from the ease and comfort of your home computer, laptop or smart device.

If you need to fax something, first make sure it's in the PDF format. Why? This is the simplest, most versatile file format. Need to convert a file? We convert files into PDFs.

  • Sign up for an account with PDF.Live.
  • Convert your file into a PDF.
  • Locate your PDF on your device.
  • Click and drag your PDF into PDF.Live's fax tool.
  • Follow the prompts to send your fax.

FAQs and Answers About Faxing PDFs Online

Why does my file have to be in the PDF format?

New to PDFs? Read why the PDF file format is the best for sharing. PDFs are flat files that are easy to share across a variety of platforms without losing quality or content from the file.

Do I need to have a landline to send a fax through PDF.Live?

Not at all! That's why we're here. We realize that most people don't have landlines and even fewer still have fax machines. Many small businesses use our fax service in lieu of operating a dedicated fax line and machine.

Why do I need to create an account to send a fax?

We won't sell or share your personal information. We ask for a good email address so we can send you confirmation of your facsimile transaction.

How will I know if my fax goes through?

As your fax is transmitting, you’ll see a dialog box that shows you the status (Preparing >> Dialing >> Transmitting >> Fax Complete). Do not close the dialog box until you have a confirmation message that your fax has been sent. Keep in mind that this is landline technology, so, depending on how many pages, the transmission process can take several minutes. You will also receive an email confirmation that your fax was successfully transmitted. If you don’t see the email, check your junk email folder.

How much does it cost to send a fax?

A monthly subscription gives you the ability to send 100 faxes per month. That’s pretty darn sweet. For the latest pricing, visit our pricing page.

Need to Convert a File Into a PDF?

Although email and online document sharing are quite common, a few industries still require documents to be shared through faxing. Healthcare, financial and legal businesses are still bound by tight restrictions over how personal information is shared, and faxing -- believe it or not -- can sometimes be more secure than password-protected, encrypted documents.

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