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In this post, we are answering queries that ask how to change an image to a PDF format, how to convert an image into a PDF, do you need a PDF converter app to convert an image, and how can you put images into a PDF?   

How to Convert Image to PDF and PDF to Image

Did you know that PDFs are more similar to images than they are to documents? We usually use PDFs to share documents across the web because they preserve formatting settings across any device. We share images across the web in formats that behave very similarly to PDFs. Some of those file formats include JPG/JPEG, GIF, TIFF and PNG.  

This means that it’s easy to convert an image to a PDF or convert PDF to images. In this article, we’ll cover some methods for making PDFs into images and vice versa. We’ll also look at how you can insert and attach images to PDFs that you already have. This will involve using a PDF editor. 

Convert PDF to Image 

Making a PDF an image is easy and can be done with any PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Using a reader, first locate the PDF you want to convert to an image on your computer and open it up using the reader. 

1. Select File and Save as.

2. At the bottom of the Save as window, select Convert to. You’ll see a list of image formats that you can make your PDF into. For images, you’ll be interested in JPG, TIFF, and PNG

3. Adobe will produce a ZIP file, which contains one JPG for every page of your original PDF. So, a 12-page PDF produces 12 JPG files. The larger your file, the longer the conversion takes. Select Download. 

Important notes about the PDF-to-image process: While image and PDF files are similar in many ways, there is at least one important difference. Image file formats accommodate only one image per file; PDFs can accommodate as many as you need. 

Convert Image to PDF

If you need to convert an image to a PDF, PDF.Live can help with that. PDF.Live offers online PDF conversion services for making an image into a PDF. This PDF-maker-from-images tool operates entirely in your web browser, meaning it is free from software downloads. 

1. Drag and drop your JPG into the PDF converter. 

2. Select Convert JPG to PDF

How to covert a PDF into an image file, how to convert an image into a PDF, how to add an image to a PDF.

3. Download your PDF! 

Now, take it a step further and create a single PDF from multiple pages using a PDF merge tool, which is included with any PDF.Live subscription.

PDF.Live’s image to PDF converter is free to try. If you like it, you can explore PDF.Live’s affordable Unlimited Plan for online conversion services and other useful tools. 

Inserting Images Into PDF Files

Inserting one image or several in a PDF is easy enough if you have access to a PDF editor. We have a tutorial on putting images in PDFs using the PDF.Live editor. This process involves converting your PDF into an editable PDF and using the Add Image tool. This will allow you to insert your image wherever you’d like within your PDF. 

To add an image to a PDF as a new page, you’ll need to do two things. First, convert your image to a PDF. This will allow you to take advantage of a Merge PDF tool that combines multiple PDFs into a single PDF. This will allow you to connect an image to your PDF as an extra page. 

If you don’t have access to a PDF editor, your best option is to try to track down the original version of the PDF that was created in a document editor. This will likely be a DOC or .DOCX file that can be opened using a document editing software like Microsoft Word. From here, you can simply drag and drop your image wherever you’d like in your document and then save/download that document as a PDF. 

Summing it All Up: What You Can and Cannot Do with PDFs and Images

  • Converting multiple JPGs into PDF: Yes, with the merge feature
  • Copy and paste an image into a PDF: See inserting images 
  • Generate a PDF from multiple images: Yes, with the merge feature
  • Inserting image in PDFs: Yes
  • Pasting image into PDF: See inserting 
  • Transfer an image int a PDF: Yes, same as inserting
  • Turn image into PDF: Yes, convert JPG to PDF

Answers to FAQs About Images and PDFs

Where can I find a free download to convert an image to a PDF for a Windows PC?

For an image-to-PDF-converter for PC, see this resource article about working with PDFs with Windows before you download any programs.

How can I convert my image on a MacBook?

Apple laptops and computers come with the Preview app, which will convert files. If you need to convert, merge, edit and more, a web-based program like PDF.Live will work on your Mac.