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Well, Hello! In this article, we answer common questions about PDF conversions, including:

  • How do you make something into a PDF?
  • How can I convert a file to PDF?
  • How do I convert a PDF into something else?

PDF stands for portable document format, and they are file names with a .pdf at the end. If you aren’t sure how to create a PDF, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Thousands of people search for tips to convert PDFs online every day, which is why we’ve created PDF.Live. We wanted a simple PDF converter that is low-cost, quick and easy to use. 

PDF Live gives you everything you need to convert PDF files online without worrying about document safety or file quality. Our team of developers has simplified the PDF conversion process to the simplest steps, so all you need to do is click, drag and wait. 

How Do You Turn a File Into a PDF?

If only it were as easy as changing the file name and adding a .pdf to it! In order to convert something into a PDF, you no longer need special (and expensive) software. You don’t need to know special computer coding, and you don’t need to go through a complicated, multistep process that ties up your computer for what feels like hours.

Find the format you want to convert (Word to PDF, for example), locate your file on your device, and then follow the prompts. In as little as three steps, you will have your converted file.

Convert From PDF

We created an easy way to convert PDFs into other file formats because we understand that today’s digital file users need flexibility. When you have to change a PDF into a different format, usually because you need to change the content, you can do that with PDF.Live without downloading software, installing apps, or adding extensions to your browser.

Convert from PDFs into Word documents, Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations using PDF.Live’s online free file converter tool. We offer a number of free transactions every day, including PDF conversions. If you need a higher volume of file conversions, we offer low-cost subscriptions, and you may cancel any time.

To get started converting from PDF, select Convert from PDF and follow the prompts. In seconds, you’ll have your converted file.

Convert To PDF

If you’re looking for answers about how to make a PDF file, you’ve found it! This is the easiest way to convert existing PDFs into .doc, .xls, .ppt and .jpeg files. We protect your information and produce high-quality PDFs. 

To get started, select Convert to PDF and follow the prompts to upload your Word doc, Excel sheet, PowerPoint presentation or JPG image. 

Do Other Things With PDFs

Edit PDFs online

Need to edit and markup a PDF? Our online editor allows you to edit and markup PDFs.

To get started, select PDF Editor and follow the prompts to select your file, upload it and then make edits to it. You can use our online PDF editor to add text boxes, redact words and images, and leave notations.

Sign a PDF

One of the most common things that people seek to do with PDFs is to add a signature, so we offer two ways to sign a PDF document online. To get started, go to our Sign a PDF page, and follow the prompts to upload your document. You can either use your device to draw your signature, or you can upload a photo of your signature and add it to your PDF. 

Merge PDFs

Time to digitally declutter? Easily upload and combine two or more PDFs into one file. It helps you get organized and reduce the number of files you’re storing on your computer or in the cloud.

To get started, select our Merge PDF and follow the prompts.

Compress PDFs

If you’re unable to attach PDFs to emails or if you’ve got PDF files that are taking up too much space, you may use our tool to reduce their size. To get started, select Compress PDF and follow the prompts to locate the PDF and reduce the size. 

Is Our PDF Converter Safe?

Yes. PDF.Live is safe and encrypted, so only you have access to your files. We do not store files for long term; our servers are swept clean regularly to protect our customers’ privacy. 

Single Conversion Vs Bulk Converter

Whether you need a single PDF converter or a bulk PDF converter, we have you covered. For personal users, PDF.Live offers a limited number of free transactions every day. This is perfect for those one-time users who need to quickly convert a file, sign it or otherwise change a PDF. Why do we ask for your email address? Well, remember what we said about protecting your privacy so only you have access to your files? This lets us know it’s you. 

For our Power Users and professionals who need to do bulk PDF conversions, we offer low-cost subscriptions available monthly or annually. This is the best way to convert a high volume of PDFs, as well as sign, edit, compress and merge, without worry about file size.

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