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Flip One or All Pages in a PDF

In this tutorial, we’ll answer questions about flipping one page or all pages in a PDF document. PDF.Live allows you to edit PDF documents online for free (limited) with no downloads required. For a small monthly fee, you can make unlimited changes, flipping as many pages or PDFs as you need, and you can cancel at any time.   

To flip a page in a PDF means changing how the page is oriented so that one or more of the pages are aligned in a different direction. For example, you may want to flip a specific page upside down or horizontal so the content is displayed differently from the rest. Or, maybe when you scanned the physical version of a document, a couple pages weren’t aligned correctly. 

No matter your reason, PDF.Live’s editor allows you to flip PDF pages clockwise and counterclockwise so all of the content is displayed correctly. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how you can use the PDF.Live browser editor to flip, or rotate, your PDF without any software downloads.  

  1. Upload your PDF to the PDF.Live editor

Drag and drop your PDF into the browser or click Select file to Edit and navigate to where your PDF is located on your PC or Mac to upload it to the PDF.Live editor. If you’re flipping the pages of a document that you’ve scanned using a printer or scanner, you will need to save it as a PDF somewhere on your computer. 

  1. Right click a page in your PDF. Select Rotate Right

In the PDF.Live editor, if you right-click a page, you’ll see the option to rotate a page right and left. Click Rotate Right or Rotate Left and the page will be oriented to have the content displayed horizontally. 

Select the same option again and the page will be flipped, now displaying upside-down relative to its original state. 

  1. Or click the Pages on the left side of the editor and right click a page to Rotate 90°. 

In PDF.Live’s page viewer, you can preview all of the pages in your PDF. From here, if you right click a page, you’ll see a few options for changing how pages are oriented in your PDF. Rotating a page 90° counterclockwise or clockwise will behave the same as rotating a page right or left. 

Once you’ve flipped your pages in the correct orientation, remember to select Download to download a new version of your PDF with the edits made. 

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