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PDF Page Remover Tutorial

illustration of black scissors for removing pages from pdf article

This post answers FAQs about removing pages from PDF files, including “How do I remove pages from a PDF,” “How do I delete pages from a PDF online?” and “Is there a free PDF cutter online?”

If you’ve exported a document that has a random blank page in the middle or a page you don’t need at the end (or anywhere, really), depending on your device, you may find it difficult to remove that page. If you’ve never removed a page from a PDF and you want to learn how, this post is for you. We’ll show you two ways to cut pages from PDF files.

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In this post, we will cover how the PDF.Live editor tool allows you to manage the pages of PDFs and remove, cut out, and delete those extra pesky pages with ease. To get started, upload your PDF to PDF.Live’s online editor.

1. Using Thumbnails to Cut Pages 

When you’ve dragged and dropped a PDF into the editor, you can view your PDF in the editor tool itself. We’ll be focused on the thumbnail viewer, which allows you to view all the pages in a PDF at once. The thumbnail viewer can be found on the left-hand side of the editor. The icon appears as a couple of pages on top of one another.

remove pages from pdfs - screenshot showing what pdf live's pdf online editor looks like with a pdf uploaded

When you have the thumbnail viewer selected, the pages of your PDF will be displayed in a scrolling view. Within this view, you can reorder, rotate, and delete the pages of your PDF. 

If you right-click a page in the thumbnail view, you’ll see the options available:

remove pages from pdfs - screenshot showing how the thumbnail view looks in pdf live

If you select Delete Page, you will receive a pop-up explaining that this action cannot be undone. Cutting and pasting pages in different areas of a PDF is a different process – the delete function will remove the page entirely. 

screenshot asking you to confirm you want to delete a page for remove pages from pdf tutorial

If you select OK, the page will be removed from your PDF and no longer appear in the thumbnail view. 

screenshot showing what pdf live looks like after you remove a page from a pdf

2. Using Left Click to Cut PDFs

With your PDF open, select the page you want to move by left clicking it. Then, drag and drop the page somewhere else in the thumbnail viewer. 

The thumbnail view will then change to reflect your changes to the PDF. 

Note: If you want to move pages from one PDF to a different PDF, you will need to extract a page from the PDF. This function is covered in a separate article on extracting, splitting, and separating pages from a PDF

Protecting Your PDFs from Deletion

What if you want to make sure that no one can remove pages from your PDF? For this, you’ll need to add a few layers of protection to your PDF. This can also be done in the PDF.Live editor within the Protect tab.

In the Protect tab, you’ll see the option to Secure Document

Selecting this will allow you to assign a password to open as well as edit your PDF. Without the password, anyone who has the PDF file will not be able to open it and view its contents. 

Within the security tab, you can assign two separate passwords: one to open the PDF and one to edit it. 

remove pages from pdf - screenshot showing the password settings in pdf live

Once you’ve assigned passwords, you can change what permissions a user has with printing/editing a document. 

remove page from pdf - screenshot showing permission settings

In the Changes Allowed field, you can restrict a user’s ability to insert, delete, and rotate pages of a PDF. This is particularly useful, for example, for contracts that shouldn’t have pages removed so all parties know what they’re agreeing to.

remove pages from pdf - screenshot showing options for restricting a pdf

There are several other security options available to you in this tab depending on your specific needs, so we encourage you to explore this and many of the other cool features that PDF.Live’s editor has. PDF.Live makes editing and securing documents not only safe but also easy.