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How to Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One

We created this tutorial to help people who are searching for ways to connect PDFs. We gathered all the search terms, and couldn’t believe how many ways you can ask, “How do you merge multiple PDFs into one?” We found 10 ways to ask the same question, How to …  

  1. attach PDF files to each other
  2. connect PDFs
  3. consolidate PDFs
  4. convert multiple files to a PDF format
  5. create one PDF from multiple files
  6. join PDFs
  7. make a single PDF file from multiple files
  8. put multiple files into one PDF
  9. save several PDFs into one
  10. turn multiple PDFs into one 

So, if you asked any of those 10 or one of the many other synonyms (oh, the English language…), you’ll find answers here.

Turn 2 or more PDFs into 1 file

PDFs are pretty easy to create and are meant to be shared across the web. When creating one or more documents in the PDF format, it’s sometimes more convenient to consolidate PDFs into a single document. In this article, we’ll explain how to attach PDF files to one another so that you can make a single PDF file from multiple files. The act of connecting PDFs into a single document is generally called “merging” and is pretty easy to do with a third-party app. 

Is There an App to Merge PDF Files?

Yes, there’s an app that easily allows you to put multiple PDFs into a single file. The PDF.Live merge tool allows you to make a single PDF file by uploading multiple PDF files to the tool and merging them. PDF.Live’s tool is entirely web-based, which means no additional software or downloads are required to turn multiple PDFs into one. 

1. Head to PDF.Live’s PDF Merge tool

2. Click Select File to Merge. Or Drag and Drop your PDF into the tool. 

drop a PDF file to merge or select the green button and choose files from your computer

3. Once your first PDF is uploaded, you’ll see the option to upload a second PDF

You'll see the first uploaded PDF in the workspace. Click the plus character and add more PDFs.

4. Click Merge PDF to join all of your PDFs into a single document. 

After you select Merge PDF, you'll see the action icons that read Document Merging in Progress.

5. After a few seconds, your merged file will be available to download via the Download button. 

When your merged PDFs are ready, you'll see a message that says so. Click the download button.

Need to reorder the pages of the multiple PDFs you’ve turned into one? Select Edit PDF and follow the prompts to upload your newly merged PDF to change the page order. 

Merging PDFs and Other Files

If you want to convert multiple files to the PDF format and merge them, a few extra steps are required before you use PDF.Live’s merge tool. 

You will need to turn all of your other files into PDFs before you can consolidate your PDFs into a single document. 

To do this, head over to the PDF.Live convert PDF page to see some popular file formats that you can convert to PDFs. For example, you can convert DOC, XLS, and PPT files to PDF documents. 

You cannot create one PDF from multiple files that are not PDFs. All of your files need to be PDFs before you can combine them.  

However, if you want to put all of your files in a single compressed file for sharing, consider the benefits of a Zip file. Zipping allows you to “smoosh” multiple file types together into a single format (.zip) for easy sharing. 

How to Add PDF Files Together

Adding two or more PDFs together is simple with PDF.Live’s merge tool. This tool will allow you to add as many PDFs as you want to create a single document. You can add a PDF to another PDF, or add multiple PDFs together. 

  1. Open PDF.Live.
  2. Create an account (name and email required).
  3. Upload your 1st PDF.
  4. When prompted, upload your 2nd, 3rd, etc., PDF.
  5. When all are uploaded, select merge.
  6. Wait patiently; it takes only a few seconds but larger files take longer.
  7. Download.

What You Need to Combine PDF Files Online

Need to combine PDF files together online? Check out PDF.Live’s merge tool for this. The merge tool will combine all of your PDF files into a single file. 

How to Merge PDFs on a Mac 

PDF.Live’s merge PDF tool works on Mac! Any Apple laptop or desktop with a modern web browser can use PDF.Live’s merge tool. If you need to merge PDFs offline, Apple’s built-in Preview app works too. 

How to Merge PDF Files on Windows

PDF.Live’s merge tool is a great option for Windows users that don’t have a PDF management tool built into their computer. Unlike Apple computers, many Windows PCs do not come with a PDF reader installed. PDF.Live’s tool allows you to upload your PDFs directly from your PC for merging. We offer a limited number of tasks for free; super-users can subscribe for a low monthly fee.

Need a PDF Split and Merge Tool?

While PDF.Live’s merge tool will enable connecting multiple PDFs together, what about splitting PDFs? 

Splitting a single page or multiple pages from a PDF is possible with the PDF.Live editor. The guide to splitting a PDF can be found in this guide to extracting PDF pages

Misc FAQs About Merging PDFs

Can you merge PDFs of different sizes?

Yes, multiple PDFs of different sizes can be combined into a single PDF file. A PDF file can have landscape and portrait pages, as well as 8.5 x 11 standard paper size mixed with other custom sizes. You may run into issues when you print a PDF with varying page dimensions. If you’re set up to print to 8.5 x 11 paper, for example, all PDF pages default to be scaled to fit the 8.5 x 11 dimensions.

Is PDF.Live a PDF merge software that must be downloaded and installed?

No, PDF.Live is an online, web-based service that doesn’t require bulky software downloads to function. Simply head over to PDF.Live to view the merge PDF and many other tools for working with PDFs. We ask only for your name and email address to create an account, so we can ensure our users are real people; we don’t sell your information. 

Try Our PDF Merger for Free

If you’re interested in easy combining and editing of PDFs using a web browser, consider trying out PDF.Live’s merge tool today for free. PDF.Live allows limited free daily transactions of PDF management services. We have PDF converters, a PDF editor, and even online PDF fax services, so you can skip the fax machine!

If you find yourself using PDF.Live a lot, a low-cost monthly subscription is available for unlimited access to all of PDF.Live’s tools.