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Adding Images to a PDF with the PDF.Live Editor 

PDF.Live’s online editor allows you to work with PDFs and several different image formats. We’ve covered how to convert PDFs to JPEG images in a separate tutorial, as well as how to turn pictures into PDFs. But what if you want to add an image to a PDF? With the editor, you can add an image to a PDF entirely online. This works with several different popular image formats. 

In this guide, we’ll be going through how to put images in PDF files. 

1. Upload your PDF to the online editor to convert it to an editable PDF.

screenshot of pdf live showing what it looks like when you upload a pdf to the editor

Either drag and drop your PDF into the editor or select the file in your Windows browser. Then select Edit PDF to enter the editor. 

2. In the Edit tab of the editor, select Add image

Screenshot showing where to find the add image option on pdf live.

3. Navigate to the file location that contains the image you’d like to add to your PDF. 

Screen shot showing how to find and select an image from your computer to add to a pdf.

You can add images in the form of several different popular file formats, such as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. GIF files can also be added to the PDF, but they may not be animated. There may be other image file formats your images are in, such as HEIC. However, those are not supported by the add image feature. 

Select the image file you’d like to add. 

4. Click on your PDF where you’d like the image to be. 

Screenshot showing what it looks like when you select and drop an image onto a pdf using pdf live's editor.

You will then see the image added to your PDF. You can further adjust the width and height of the image (in pixels) by dragging the dimensions of the picture with your mouse. You can also click the center of the image to change its placement in your PDF. Select the hollow top circle of the image to adjust the rotation of your image. 

Notice that the Edit text & image & shapes icon is currently selected. If you deselect or click away from any images you’ve added to your PDF, you can always go back and edit their position again using this feature. You can even edit images that are already in your PDF!

Screenshot showing how to add an image to a pdf.

Note that the quality of your images will be tied to the original file’s resolution. If you resize an image to have a larger pixel dimension than the original file, it may look blocky and low-quality. The larger the original PDF image, the fewer issues you’ll likely have. 

Try out adding different images to your PDFs to see how easy it is to adjust PDFs entirely in your browser with the PDF.Live editor!